How to Create Your Own List of 101 Things in 1001 Days


There are no hard and fast rules to creating a list of 101 Things in 1001 Days. The list is all about setting yourself some challenges, making positive changes and possibly conquering your fears all whilst making yourself some amazing memories.

Waiting until you have come up with all 101 Things is not necessary. When I officially started ticking off my personal challenges on the 4th April, 2016 my list was not complete. At first I struggled and if I remember correctly my list was not even half completed before I began. However, it didn’t take long for my list to be full with all 101 Things and I admit I am already making a start on list number 2!

You can start your list whenever you are ready and can set the start date either from the moment you read this post, the day your first goal is documented, after you have come up with all 101 Things, on particular day (say your birthday or New Year’s Day) or even by your end date (like me New Year’s Eve 2018). To work out your end date is very simple…. Type into google search ‘1001 days from today’.

Why give your list a time frame? By setting yourself a timeframe (in this case 1001 Days) you have committed yourself to a time constraint and your motivation, determination and focus will kick in. When you create yourself an open ended bucket-list you will find yourself a little more relaxed, perhaps unmotivated and before you know it time has passed quickly and your list falls away at the way side.

Be creative! The list is yours so include anything that appeals to you! Your 101 Things can feature anything from trying a new cuisine, reading a new book, spending less time on the internet or skydiving. When listing your 101 Things ensure you give yourself boundaries, be specific, clearly define what you want to achieve and above all be realistic therefore making it easy for you to mark off as being completed.

If you find you are stuck for ideas here are some places to look – Read My list of 101 Things in 1001 Days blog post, TV, Facebook, Instagram, Advertisements, Newspaper, Google or even experiences your family or friends have tried. This list of possibilities is endless.

But above all HAVE FUN!

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