I am so not a craft mum!

Some mums love crafts with their kids…… I’m not one of them. My thoughts are messy crafts with tiny pom poms, mixed paint pots and play dough that ends up all one yucky color should be kept at kindy/play group. I am so not a craft mum.

Whilst composing my list of 101 Things in 1001 Days and thinking of family activities I started to feel bad for not being one of those crafty mums; you know the ones that sit and string colored pasta, paint plaster of paris statues or sew sock puppets. I thought I would retest the water with pet rocks.

It started out well; I prepared the table with an old cover, laid out the supplies and hunted and gathered the perfect rocks. We were all excited and ready.

To make things easier for myself knowing we had to paint our rocks first with a base coat, I removed all other supplies to under the table besides some brushes and the white paint. The base coat was the easy part!

Next is where it started going downhill; the color painting. Within minutes the paint was mixed (even though each pot had their own brush), the kids were fighting about wanting the same color that the other one had and my patience was wearing thin.

What I did get to observe (learn or confirm) during the commotion were the personality traits of my two monkeys. Miss T is very much a leader; bossy, demanding and knows what she wants (Her rock was going to be a monster right from the start). She is very particular and likes to take her time to get it perfect; sometimes a little too slowly. Miss M is carefree, adventurous and a dreamer (her rock was constantly turning into something else every time she added a new color).

Decorating was a nightmare; Miss M would rather unwind all of the wool and empty every small item possible from its packet and Miss T wanted to cut the hair and glue googley eyes on everyone else’s rock but her own.

By the end of it I was over it; the paint colors were mixed, googley eyes were strewn across the backyard and I had a headache. So it’s safe to say I am not one of those crafty mums and I won’t become one anytime soon.

51/101 Things in 1001 Days – Make Pet Rocks



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