My list of 101 Things in 1001 Days


When I first constructed my list of 101 Things in 1001 Days I had no idea I was going to turn my adventures into a blog, this blog, Beat Mum Funk / Doing it for ME.

Beat Mum Funk is my way of sharing with you my determination to beat the daily parenting grind by completing 101 Things (Adventures) in 1001 Days. Sharing the ins and outs of each adventure, giving hints and tips about how to plan your own experience as well as sharing where and how to partake if you want to give it ago.

I am very excited to share my adventures of 101 Things in 1001 Days with you. As I complete each item I will compose a blog post and add to the below list with links for you to follow along should it be of interest to you. By not listing my entire list up front I can keep you guessing with what my next adventure would be and leave you wanting to know more.

As the items are completed and updated please feel free to add any of my items to your own list of 101 Things in 1001 Days.

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1. Take Miss T on a mummy and me movie date – Planning your child’s first trip to the movies

4. Try kangaroo – Eating Kangaroo for the First Time

7. Go on a cruise (Blog post to come)

8. Go rock climbing – (Blog post to come)

28. Pay for someone’s coffee – Coffee is on ME

38. Go in a fun run/walk (Blog post to come)

42. Name a star (Blog post to come)

51. Make pet rocks – I am so not a craft mum

61. Clean up my iPod – I Confess That I Love Music! Absolutely LOVE It!

64. Get Dreamworld annual passes (Blog post to come)

65. Take the girls to Cascade Gardens, Broadbeach – Childhood memories: Show them, don’t tell them

67. Go abseiling – Abseiling Kangaroo Point Cliffs

84. Make food gifts every month

89. Influence someone to make a 101 list

90. Go strawberry picking – Take the Kids Strawberry Picking

96. Complete 100 Happy Days Challenge (Blog post to come)

97. Make at least one new recipe every week – Find all recipes tried and tested here

As you can see I have a few blog posts to come which I will endeavour to publish very soon.

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