Relax with Gifts by Kymoo

After a few weeks of battling mum funk I received the perfect gift hamper from Gifts by Kymoo.  Featuring some of my favorite goodies this quality filled hamper gave me the chance to relax, unwind and refocus in pure bliss.

Upon receiving the hamper it was evident that Gifts by Kymoo take pride in their presentation and satisfy their recipient by including quality useable products; very much unlike those boring mass produced hampers you find at Christmas time with pate, croutons and pretzel sticks.

The first thing I noticed was the Lychee Bath Bomb that almost smelled good enough to eat (I even found a warning on the box advising not to eat but better used in the bath 🙂 ) I opted to eat the Salted Cashews and Smokey BBQ Mix instead.

When I knew I was at my mum funk limit and needed time out, I enjoyed pure relaxation with my remaining hamper goodies. Soaking in the Lychee Bath Bomb infused tub, breathing in the subtle aroma enjoying none other than a glass of red wine with more than a couple Lindt Lindor Chocolate Balls all to myself; what more could I ask for? The bath bomb left my skin silky smooth. My mind was clear and stress free; just what this mumma needed.

If you are tired of searching for the perfect gift for a special someone in your life let Gifts by Kymoo take the worry away with one of their fully customisable and affordable quality gift hampers.

With the ease of ordering via a simple email ( your gift hamper can be compiled and (in some cases) delivered within 1 – 2 working days (depending on receipents location).

Hampers are delivered via courier for a $10 flat fee (pricing for Australia wide metro areas only) or can be personally delivered by the Gifts by Kymoo team if the recipient is located in the Northern Gold Coast or Logan area. For all other areas simply contact the team with your post code for a delivery quote.

Check out Gifts by Kymoo’s Facebook page or Instagram account for the kind of hampers they have available and browse through their posts featuring their large range of locally sourced products. Once you have an idea in mind the team at Gifts by Kymoo can customise the perfect hamper to your liking and budget.

This Mother’s Day Gifts by Kymoo are offering free delivery (Australia wide metro regions only) I highly recommend you sending one of Gift by Kymoo’s unique gift hampers to your mum, partner or special someone to help relieve their mum funk and to remind them how much they are appreciated.

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